How to make the best use of opportunities?

When you need to drive your personal growth then you always need to answer one question to yourself which is, "How to make the best use of opportunities?"
Whenever the most loved thing is selling at discount we try to grab it fast and also want to be the first one to own it. It is not the thing that matters for you in the first place but it is the attractive price which you are willing to pay. 
Now when you consider the situation with your life it is inversely related. If one wants a change in life they have to go through uncomfortable situations. Patience can be tough! But Rome wasn't built in a day! So to build a life the way you want, there have to be some hurdles. Don't be so lame to answer the question by saying, "I am no athlete". Be the athlete of your life and jump over with full force not once but as many times it compels.
So here's a few things you can do:
1. Stop looking for shortcuts or life hacks The reason being, you 'll have to wait long f…

What is the key ingredient to achieve success in life?

You were born to create history and not to read. One of the most important thing in life is to get whatever you want in whatever field you choose and to believe in your own capabilities. You need to trust the process. The more you dwell in positive self talk the resultant outcome will be in your favour.

Focus! Zoom in & out. We aren't practising camera techniques but just adjusting the way you look at life. The external adversities are beyond your realm of control. The most illogical thing you can do is to fret about it & the most logical thing to do is build your own shield based on your own abilities and you can do it. The choice is yours.
Amitabh Bachchan didn't have the good looks, neither he had the dancing ability nor the backing of any influential person in the Indian cinema industry but he still was convinced that he would be the alphabet of Bollywood because he focused on what he had, an untiring and hardworking attitude coupled with a constant pursuit of improv…

Real source of motivation

You need to believe it! You need to have hope! You need to strive! Yes, motivation is for real and it can create wonders in your life. We live to believe and every moment changes your life for a better cause. You are destined to win and to keep you going you need motivation. The very next question which will come to your mind will be from whom? Let's find the answer to it.
We live in a world where there are constant fear and peer pressure in the era of the digital world. Why it has become so important to give importance to others life irrespective of our goals and self commitments? Social media has impacted in a very strange manner and this digital revolution going to cover us from all sides of the corner. We feel lost in the race. So it becomes important to seek motivation and where it can come from?

Being an extrovert is tough these days as we have made digital equipment as our companion and then comes people from the rest of the world for us. We get to see different stories on v…